Ballet and Character

Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus
Encouraging grace and good posture, ballet has been loved for generations and continues to be very popular. We also learn dances from other countries in the character section.

What is Ballet?

Created originally in the Royal Courts of France, ballet is an art form which has been loved for centuries, and is still as popular as ever.

We follow the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dancing, the lead body of ballet teaching. Pupils follow the syllabus leading to exams from Pre-Primary to Grade 8. Each class is made up of Classical Ballet, Free movement and Character (as seen in the traditional ballets).

At approximately Grade 5 level we give the option for students to study the “Major” Ballet Grades of the ISTD (Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2). These exams are designed for those students looking to make dance their profession and are needed for entry to vocational school. It is at this level that the students learn pointe work.

Our teachers are fully trained and experienced in pointe work. Taught correctly pointe work is challenging and exciting for the students and strengthening for their ankles and feet. We access each students individually to ensure their feet are strong enough before they start pointe work. Taught incorrectly, or too soon, pointe can result in a wealth of damage to young bones.

For more information look at the RAD website

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